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The Women Silk Scarf in Ivory

The Women Silk Scarf in Ivory

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We created The Women Silk Scarf in Ivory as a symbol of empowerment, elegance, and unity. The different variations of the female body inspired this beautifully crafted accessory. This lovely scarf represents the beauty of women coming together as a community and the importance of creating space in which we can support one another.

With this scarf draped across your shoulders, you can bring a sense of belonging.

We have created a few designs that represent different parts of womanhood, with each one representing a different character trait of women like strength, confidence and community.


100% silk twill


26"x26" or 36"x36" square

Care Instructions

Dry clean only.

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What is silk twill?

Silk twill is a luxurious, natural fabric that can be worn year-round. It's cool in the summer and warm in the winter, making it perfect for any season. Silk twill is made from 100% natural silk and is a fantastic choice for those who want to feel as though they're wearing nothing at all.

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