Thread & Flourish is a company that believes in making the world a more beautiful and loving place to live in. We want women to love themselves, no matter what size they are, and we want to help them show off their femininity through our scarves.

We know that many women struggle with body image issues, so we want to give them a way to express themselves without worrying about what others think. We also want them to be able to feel good about their bodies and the way they dress, no matter where they're going or what they're doing—whether it's running errands or going out for dinner with friends.

We work with ethical companies that focus on creating quality products from sustainable materials so that we can keep our carbon footprint as small as possible while still bringing you products that will last for years and years. Our scarves are made from natural fabrics like silk—so not only do they look great on your shoulders, but they're good for the planet too!

We also work with partners where we know their employees are being paid fair wages and have safe and comfortable working conditions.